Products Racks

C.E.P.I. RACK's cabinets are based on a patent assembly system: the frame is made of Al 6060 alloy extrusion, finished by clear anodization, with integrated 19" mounting flanges along both the inner sides, in accordance with DIN 41494 rules. Thanks to this system it can be reached an high protection level against powder and liquid intrusions, up to IP66. Every detail is supervised with great care, from the manufacturing to the finishing, to offer a product that is aesthetically besides technically worthful.
The equipment cabinets series are identified by the kind of frame shape used.
PMM 33
Laboratory set
PMM 33.1
Racks deeper then PM33
with glazed/framed or steel door
IP 54
PMG 35
Industrial set
Nominal breadth value 600 mm
PMG 35.1
Nominal breadth value 800 mm
TL series
Laboratory chassis
Open frame structure,
allowing full-side subracks and 19"
cases assembling
  • Plinth / stationary base
  • Vented top cover
  • Castors
  • Identification strip
  • Flanges
  • Assembly parts
  • Rear panels
  • Document wallet
  • Glazed / framed doors
  • Door locking system
  • Keyboard tray
  • Drawers
  • Shelves
  • Side-by-side kit