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These frame type and box type plug-in units are used for larger plug-in assemblies, and possess the necessary strength for this purpose. They provide shielding against electromagnetic interference, GND/earthing of electrostatic discharges. Because of their mechanical durability, they are also frequently used to prevent demage resulting from handling.
Frame type plug-in units are designed to accomodate multiple boards.
Box type plug-in units are usually equipped with only one printed circuit board and additional bulky components, nevertheless side plate's features allow the mountiing of multiple horizontal boards.
With different configurations our subunits are compatible with all the Europe standards for printed board:
             100    x 160 - 220 - 250 - 280
             233,4 x 160 - 220 - 250 - 280

The corner structures for this series are shaped to give a rail for a first board mounting facility.

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