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Our subrack range is divided into three different units: "Argento", "Oro" e "2000".
Starting from the "Argento" series, they increase in terms of strength. In the "Argento" components, the rails are fixed to the side plates by one screw M5, insted of the two screws M4 used for the "Oro" series. The top is reached with the "2000" series, that has a structure completed by zinc-plastic sheet metal up-and-down covers. These covers grant EMC shield qualities.
Built following DIN41494 regulation has been designed for the use of connectors according to DIN41612, DIN41617 and MIL-C-21097. The surface protection of the alluminium items belongs to the "CEPIDINE 3000" shield chromium series. It has the same characteristics of ALODINE 1000 but is easier to be manipulated. Moreover,
no unaesthetic draw and/or prints remain.
Al extrusion side plates, with integrated 19" mounting flanges, are replaced by 2mm Al side plates when a deeper frame is necessary.
  • front panel side-hinged and top/bottom-hinged
  • guide rails, board handles, board retainers
  • GND/earthing clips
  • protective grill and hood
  • handles
  • plastic tip-up feet
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